Friday 20 June 2008

Back in Salobreña

Back in Salobreña, dinner up on the roof. Watching swifts and swallows - sorry none in the picture, they won't stand still.

Mulhacén in the background - the middle of the three peaks on the sky-line. I was up there yesterday!

Thursday 19 June 2008

At the top

Made it! Somehow. One of the Explore group stands on top of the world, or at least, on top of continental Spain. And yes, that is snow on the left. This is the Sierra Nevada, after all.

Technical note
These bloglets posted on Thu 19 Jun were originally pictures taken on my mobile phone, and sent from Mulhacén to Flickr and on to here - including this one, from the summit. One more bit of magic! It's now Sat 21 Jun, and I'm back in Salobreña with a broadband connection, so I'm able to edit a bit and add these commentaries - I couldn't see how to do it from the mobile.

There are lots more photos, from my Canon and from the mobile; I'll upload those somewhere shortly - probably Flickr - and set up some sort of album. I'll post the address here. They're in this album (using Jalbum and LightFlow).

I'll also add more to this blog; you'll be able to get to the whole story via this Mulhacén link.

Pause on way up

Pause on way up
One of several. From here on I found I couldn't walk and talk at the same time - I didn't even try chewing gum - and eventually fell further and further behind the group. On the final stretch I kept losing sight of the next person round a bend or behind a rock, and then couldn't locate the path so I ended up scrambling over rocks until I found it again. So there's no photos of that bit - I was too busy not getting lost. By the time I got to the top - ¡olé! - I had cramp in both legs.

Single file up Mulhacén

The Explore group start the climb. Uphill all the way, from 2600m to 3400m. No wonder I felt light-headed and heavy-legged by the time I got to the top. And that was before I tried getting down again!

Wednesday 18 June 2008

Full moon in Capileira :) xxx

Full moon in Capileira. The bus sets off from here tomorrow morning for the walk up Mulhacén. Is this a sign?

Monday 16 June 2008

Centre of Attention

Sun 15 Jun

We can't stop drooling over her! And she can't stop dribbling over everybody!

Carmen and Rafi want to be called Auntie and Uncle, when strictly speaking they are second cousins. Hmm, that's a tricky one . . .

My first Rekha photo - the others in my Rekha set are all from Matthew & Bornali. Bornali's adding to
her Little Rekha set every day - 56 and counting - so this is where to go for your daily drool.

Saturday 14 June 2008

Lou's Blues

Sat 14 Jun
Cliffe Bridge, Lewes

Lou plays the Blues, Bill's provides the coffee.

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Hello Rekha!

Wed 11 Jun
from Matthew's mobile to mine to Micalet via Flickr - more magic!

Rekha 4 days old. See my Flickr set, and Bornali's Little Rekha set.

Monday 2 June 2008

Joogleberry Jazz

Sun 23 Mar
Joogleberry, Brighton

Sunday roast and jazz - an enticing combination, good food and good music, which we only came across because Julian had won vouchers in a raffle. A 3-piece house band with guest Geoff Simkins on alto provided 2 hours of cool diversion. This slot is a Joogleberry regular, as is the Wednesday flamenco session.

Sunday 1 June 2008

Swarbrick at the Oak

Thu 20 Mar
Royal Oak, Lewes

The doyen of English fiddlers, 50 years on the fiddle and still going strong. Dave charmed us with a mix of anecdote and virtuosity; you could feel the love - he's one of the inspirations for the host of fine young fiddlers around today, and one of the reasons there's such an audience for their music. If you don't know the background, have a look at his web-site.

Chambao at the Dome

Fri 29 Feb
Brighton Dome

Good-time flamenco-based pop, with catchy tunes, plenty of rumba and latin rhythms, and lyrics that can be thought-provoking and witty - I love the one about the staircase! There's a video of it - Roé por la escalera - that catches the atmosphere of the live performance, and more pictures from the concert that prove just how dodgy a mobile can be from distance.

You can listen to several tracks from their current CD Con Otro Aire on their web-site.

Dontcha love Twittens?

Dontcha love Twittens?
Originally uploaded by michalska1

Dontcha love Twittens?

Taken in Lewes this afternoon, and uploaded from mobile phone via Flickr straight here to blog. How clever is that? And how come it worked first time?