Tuesday 25 March 2008

La identidad en la música popular española

Thu 6 - Sun 9 Mar

Congreso de la SIBE - Sociedad de Etnomusicología

Four days in Salamanca for the Spanish Ethnomusicological Society's conference. A fascinating event which allowed me to indulge two of my passions simultaneously. Lots of interesting stuff which I'll attempt to keep up with here over the coming days. Here's a version of the presentation I used for my comunicación, complete with music clips, which functions more or less as the original Keynote I used at the conference.

I'll discuss elsewhere the technical issues involved in a) preparing the original presentation and b) converting it to display and download here. Labyrinthine.

Also up now are:
I'd originally prepared my contribution in English, but when I got there I found that, although the conference was billed as a joint event with a UK group and an international association, the English-speaking contingent was much smaller than anticipated, so I rewrote the presentation and delivered it en español.

There wasn't much football, which was disappointing ;-) - all I managed was a chat with a waiter - though I did read in the local paper about a youth arrangement UD Salamanca have with Arsenal. It was a music conference, I suppose.