Saturday 22 January 2011

Mikileaks: Posh Boy Philosophy revealed

Warning: Some of the information in this picture may have been obtained by listening in on private telephone conversations. Or maybe not. Our investigative reporter didn't tell us and we wouldn't say even if he did. In any case he was acting on his own.

We appreciate that some of the language used in the document above may not be familiar to everyone, so we have added a few explanatory notes which we hope you will find helpful:



Posh Boy Politics
Open any newspaper*, any day, any page, and read about:
• hitting the disabled
• hitting the poor
• hitting the young: Sure Start - Educational Maintenance Allowance - tuition fees
• hitting the old
• hitting the unemployed
• wrecking the health service
• dismantling the education system: school curriculum - academies - so-called "free" schools - university funding
• starving the arts
• cheating the voluntary sector
• destroying democracy: constituency boundaries - voting reform
• cosying up to Murdoch*

Hardly any of these measures were in their election manifesto nor in the coalition agreement, few are based on reliable evidence, many haven't even been costed.

Posh Boy Etonomics
- letting the banks off the hook
- fomenting unemployment
- privatising anything and everything

Posh Boy Outlook on Life
And all handled with seemingly effortless, patronising effrontery: "I'm incredibly optimistic"

We could go on but it's nearly bedtime. More helpful links to follow.

* if your newspaper isn't telling you about all this, ask yourself why

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Mikileaks: New Lottery - how it works

Our moles have been burrowing away, and can now reveal how the Demolition Government's much-vaunted new nation-wide Lottery Scheme works. Mikileaks locked researcher Steve Bell away for a couple of minutes with the scheme's source code - scribbled on a torn-off scrap of 'Number 11' headed notepaper, and rescued from the bin beside the photocopier - and he has come up with this graphic representation of the process. He says it wasn't that hard to crack, as the first line of code reads:

{Top Secret: GO says 2000 Mancunians down the pan, and pronto!} *see Note 1

It therefore came as no surprise to us to see amongst this week's lucky winners:

However, do not despair if Lady Luck hasn't called on you this week. For wherever you live, and whatever your circumstances (with some notable exceptions - *see Note 2), they've got your number, and it could be drawn any day now. It could be your turn next!

Remember - We're all in this together!

*Note 1: There are conflicting rumours as to the identity of 'GO'; some analysts suggest that he may well be the mysterious character seen scurrying across the steps of 10 Downing Street in this videoclip.

*Note 2: Some experts claim to have detected certain regional and social biases in the coding of the scheme, which seems to be stacking the odds strongly in favour of 'Northern towns' and 'poorest areas' at the moment:

And if you wondered what this picture was doing at the top of our original article, see:

So when the police take to the streets with their face-masks and home-made placards - who will do the kettling?

NB: Steve says his illustration is 'after LS Lowry'; of course it is - Lowry died over 20 years ago. He painted scenes, full of sympathy, of the ordinary lives of ordinary people in his home town of Salford, including Going to Work and Coming home from the mill. Would he qualify for an arts grant today?

According to our maps, Salford is quite near to Manchester, and so probably qualifies both as a 'Northern town' and as a 'poorer area'. Some folk have all the luck.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Mikileaks: Why is it easier?

"Why is it easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven?"

Bob Diamond, Chairman of Barclays Bank, is richer than most, but at the second time of asking he is "still stuck on that one".

Oh dear, Mr Diamond. I'm afraid it's Purgatory for you, then. Or better still, Hell . . .

Many thanks to Mikileaks investigator John Mann MP for putting the question, oh so subtly.

Remember - "We're all in this together"

Further reading:
Robert Peston's comments (BBC Business Editor); also contains the full 2h30min of Diamond's grilling by the Treasury Select Committee - just dip in to a minute or two, doesn't much matter where . . .
Michael White in The Guardian

What Jesus thought (Matthew 19:24)
The Seven Deadly Sins: Greed
Hieronymus Bosch's Vision of Hell; from the Garden of Earthly Delights (in high resolution)

Monday 17 January 2011

Mikileaks: Rats in Downing Street

Mikileaks reseacher David C sends us this exclusive report: 

"I thought all the rats were inside No 10. Is the coalition sinking?" 

Our investigators have analysed the videoclip, and conclude that the rat in question is clearly legging it from No.11 to No.10. But who can it be? We have heard that if you play the video at double speed you can clearly make out the popular verse:

Are you Osborne
Are you Osborne
Are you Osborne in disguise?

Although some say that if you play it at half speed, it sounds remarkably like 'Cleggie'.

Mikileaks motto of the week:
If there's a rat in there, we'll smell it