Saturday 5 May 2007

Seagulls' droppings cover parties in sticky white stuff

Thu 3 May
District Council Elections

2 Greens, 2 Blues and a Red ended up directly below a rampaging Seagull in Lewes Bridge ward in Thursday's election - not a pretty sight. The Seagulls Party is campaigning in favour of the plan to build a community stadium for Brighton & Hove Albion football club at Falmer. They didn't manage to win any seats but did succeed in making a bit of a splash around the district. Falmer Parish Council are not convinced.

687 Votes (elected) DALY Jim Liberal Democrat
532 Votes (elected) MACCLEARY James Neville Liberal Democrat
402 Votes STOCKDALE John
262 Votes SOUTH Roz The Seagulls Party
249 Votes DENIS Johnny Huw Charles The Green Party
246 Votes SERRECCHIA Lorraine Elise The Green Party
203 Votes STRINGER Maureen Frances David Cameron's Conservatives
201 Votes LYONS Dominic Brian David Cameron's Conservatives
113 Votes HILLIARD Esme Sheelagh The Labour Party Candidate

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