Friday 28 September 2007

Lewes v Arsenal Reserves

Dripping Pan
Wed 26 Sep

4 0 to the Arsenal, so keeping up the good work - mostly the same (Academy) line-up beat Leicester 5 0 on Sunday. And it was just like watching the big boys - comfortable in possession, supporting the man with the ball, unexpected turns and movement, mix of short and long balls, willingness to shoot from anywhere, good covering in defence, all 4 goals resulting from classy combinations that split a well-organised defence.

Dunne in particular was impressive, organising the side from central midfield, Merida too - though he's all left foot, apart from one crack at goal with his right - and Barazite has that knack of disguising his moves and passes; Hoyte and Rodgers both eager to bring the ball out from the back. Mannone in goal was only called upon a couple of times, and Sczeczny also looked confident in the 15 minutes or so he came on for. Goals from someone (it was up the other end, couldn't see who - turns out to be Merida), Dunne, Fonte, and then in the second half against what looked like a stronger Lewes line-up, Thomas waltzed through the opposition several times over before planting the ball deliberately in the net - yes, we noticed.

Before the kick-off Liam Brady cut the ribbon on the new Ham Lane Stand, which looks as though it could hold, ooh, a hundred or so. Lewes have had a couple of good FA Cup runs in the last few years, and that's had a huge effect on the club - spectator accommodation, pitch quality, and some decent players for their level. They're currently top of the "Blue Square" Conference South - if they keep up there they'd get up into the Conference proper. Maybe in a year or two they could give our Under-18s a decent match . . .

The grub looked OK, and they have Harvey's at the bar - what more could you ask for?

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