Friday 25 January 2008

History Lesson

[This was originally in response to a post by Angela for the blogging4educators workshop. See the picture Angela has used to introduce her blog. I commented that I was the little boy looking out of the window.]

It's something my teacher said to my Mum at a parents' evening when I was 11 - "I can't understand how he's done so well - he's always looking out of the window".

A second (or is he third? or fourth??) cousin of mine even wrote a song about it. He's Leon Rosselson - he's a few years older than me, but went to the same school, same teacher, same window, clearly the same History Lesson (lyrics - can't find audio as yet)!

Leon writes in an album sleeve-note: "this song grew out of memories of history lessons at my school on the edge of Parliament Hill Fields. The tedious recital of facts and dates and great men's deeds is just the sort of history our present rulers would like to reinstate."

See Leon's MySpace for several videos.

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  1. Hello Michael,

    I'm so happy to have kind of inspired this post. I can see you're really into blogging. You have so many posts in more than one blog.
    Well, I hope we'll be blogging more.
    All the best,