Saturday 3 January 2009

Happy New Year!

If you've got room for one more card, and you'd like Season's Greetings from me, just:

1) choose an image and click on it to download the front of the card from
* * NB: I haven't tried this before - I think you will need to sign up for access to my folder first * *
2) then download the 'back' file
3) print both files onto paper or card of your choice - preferably back-to-back
4) fold down centre and place on display

Happy New Year!


Synchronised Ducking
IMG_3962 copy

Landing and flying
IMG_4002 copy

IMG_4031 copy

IMG_3939 copy

Standing and flying
IMG_3995 copy

Swimming through stars
IMG_3952 copy

IMG_3893 copy

Technical note:
All pictures are from a set I took at the Charca de Suárez wetland reserve - map, website (Spanish), primary school project wiki (Spanish) - near Motril (Granada, Spain), on 21 December. I cropped a selection of the original images down using iPhoto; you can see a set of the crops on Flickr, and a Synchronised Ducking sequence in the previous post. I chose the ones shown here for the cards. I designed the cards in Pages, printed them onto white card, and gave them to friends and relatives (as you do at this time of year); some I emailed as .jpeg attachments. I have now posted these .jpegs to the file store at For this post I have embedded the images from Flickr, and changed the link in the embed code so that it points to the card stored on, from where you should be able to download them.

I hope it works!

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