Monday 8 February 2010

Call this a diary?

Wot, no entries?

None since 30 October? And the one before that was 6 September? What are you playing at?

Well, it's true, I haven't been posting here. And come to that, Jerusalem in the rain doesn't really belong here anyway, as I was trying to post it elsewhere, but got mixed up on my mobile and posted it here by mistake.

The trouble is, I've retired, so I haven't got as much time as I used to for this sort of thing :-) . Instead of sitting here at my computer, blogging away, I've grabbed the opportunity to travel at times I have never been able to in the past. Ireland in September, Spain in October, Israel in November, France in January. I've taken loads of photos, of course, although as yet only the Israel ones are online.

Apart from editing and posting the photos, my online time since we got back from the Israel trip has been largely taken up with setting up the blog we are writing: Merkavah 09. It's been a massive task and there's still a long way to go - we've set up 60-odd posts, though not all of them are written yet, and there's loads more to come, plus a number of videos to be edited and posted.

There'll be more to come here from Ireland and France, and going back to last summer, from our French trip, and music festivals at Gennetines (July) and Towersey (August). The photos and videos from all these are still to be sorted and posted, too.

I'm also currently trying to keep abreast of this year's EVO sessions on Multiliteracies, and Teaching Languages in a Virtual World. There's loads of reading, discussions, synchronous online sessions, and links and ideas to follow up. I'm putting occasional postings on The Daily Post.

And I'll try to keep up with things here, too. 

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