Tuesday 14 August 2012

An Dro The World

Some of Jeudi Matin - the Dansez Français house band - take part in 'An Dro The World 2012' - a mass simultaneous An Dro at the Festival Interceltique at Lorient, Brittany, and around the world, on Sunday 12 August. Everybody had to play, sing and/or dance to the same tune at precisely midnight, French time.

Note the soon-to-be traditional Breton instruments - concertina (Elizabeth and Charlotte) and ukelele (Éamonn), and the confident singing - Richard's the one in tune. Jan reckons it's too slow for dancing, so it's a good job we didn't have any dancers there on the night. Personally I reckon it's too fast for singing.

We only heard about An Dro The World a couple of days beforehand, and what with summer holidays, folk festivals and family commitments, we could only muster half-a-dozen people, but we registered anyway and went for it. A few minutes rehearsing the tune, and a couple of run-throughs for me and Richard to - almost - get our tongues round the words, and c'est parti!

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