Tuesday 1 April 2008

La Identidad (3)

And here it is in all its glory, via:

Keynote (Mac) > Powerpoint > iSpring (Windows) > slideboom.com > Blogger

The iSpring > slideboom combination is the only route I have come across that can post a Powerpoint file online with all embedded audio and video clips playing 'on click' - for free. The visual quality and the functionality are far superior to the video version I posted to TeacherTube. And I've somehow managed to embed it here - I hope I'll be able to remember how!

Many, many issues at each stage of the process, I'll outline some of the solutions I found in a later post. On the way I have had to update to Parallels 3 (fortunately via a free offer), buy MS Office 2007 (£7.50 via institutional licence), install iSpring Free (free) and sign up to slideboom.com (free).

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