Tuesday 1 April 2008

Javier Paxariño at the Savor

Fri 7 Mar
Savor, Salamanca

Javier Paxariño, with guests Majid Javadi (Iran) and Nantha Kumar (India), plays
Autumn Leaves with Pedro Cañada and students from the Conservatorio Superior de Música, Salamanca, in a late session at the Savor club during the SIBE Conference. Here's a slideshow with a recording from the gig:

And here's an album with the same photos in much better quality (but no music!). I may add a longer version of the Autumn Leaves recording, though I didn't get it from the start.

And one from 2006, of Javier at the Café Central in Madrid playing more wind instruments than you knew existed, with an all-star band including Carlos Beceiro on various strings, and Faín Dueñas and Jaime Medina on percussion.

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