Friday 12 March 2010

The Spanish sense of time


27 Feb
La Zenia (Orihuela Costa)

The hands on my watch said twenty past four. The metadata attached to the photo shows 16:22, which makes sense because it was taken on my iPhone, which I had switched to Spanish time.

Yet the sun is saying just past III on the dial. So who is right - Spanish time, or the sun?

The Longitude here - on Spain's Eastern coast - is 0°43'W, which suggests that the true time should if anything be a few minutes behind GMT. And, going by the sun, the rest of the country should be even further behind. However Spain uses CET (Central European Time), which is an hour ahead of GMT, ie an hour ahead of where they should be. And yet the Spanish don't seem to have much of a reputation for doing things ahead of time . . .

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