Saturday 22 January 2011

Mikileaks: Posh Boy Philosophy revealed

Warning: Some of the information in this picture may have been obtained by listening in on private telephone conversations. Or maybe not. Our investigative reporter didn't tell us and we wouldn't say even if he did. In any case he was acting on his own.

We appreciate that some of the language used in the document above may not be familiar to everyone, so we have added a few explanatory notes which we hope you will find helpful:



Posh Boy Politics
Open any newspaper*, any day, any page, and read about:
• hitting the disabled
• hitting the poor
• hitting the young: Sure Start - Educational Maintenance Allowance - tuition fees
• hitting the old
• hitting the unemployed
• wrecking the health service
• dismantling the education system: school curriculum - academies - so-called "free" schools - university funding
• starving the arts
• cheating the voluntary sector
• destroying democracy: constituency boundaries - voting reform
• cosying up to Murdoch*

Hardly any of these measures were in their election manifesto nor in the coalition agreement, few are based on reliable evidence, many haven't even been costed.

Posh Boy Etonomics
- letting the banks off the hook
- fomenting unemployment
- privatising anything and everything

Posh Boy Outlook on Life
And all handled with seemingly effortless, patronising effrontery: "I'm incredibly optimistic"

We could go on but it's nearly bedtime. More helpful links to follow.

* if your newspaper isn't telling you about all this, ask yourself why

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