Monday 1 September 2014

The Footbridge of Memory

Chlodna Street ran straight through the heart of the Ghetto, but Jews were not allowed to use it. The Ghetto was thus divided in two, and in order to get from one part to the other, Jews had to use this wooden bridge. The street itself is for Gentiles, the tram too.

The walls which form the boundary of the Ghetto are some 3 metres high. The Nazis used Jewish forced labour to build them, and to build the bridge as well.

A few years ago the Poles erected this memorial to the bridge and what it symbolised. Two pairs of metal poles stand where the bridge once stood, connected by optical fibres which at night light up to project an image of the bridge across the street. 

Photos of life in the Warsaw Ghetto

Photo and map of Ghetto from the Jewish Virtual Library

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